Joseph’s coat

This teapot combine named – Joseph’s coat, is my way of expressing regeneration and hope in form.

I discovered one of Solomon’s proverbs, ‘the heart of the wise is in the house of mourning’ 1] and that was where I found my mourning owl in Micah’s vision. Seeing only suffering and misery all around, she had changed from an innocent girl into a proud feathered owl. Drinking only from bitter springs, this wise creature of the night was tricked by a dragon-flung-from-heaven into thinking that there was no good God at all.

I then thought of all the land of Egypt that was given into Joseph’s hand and how God lead his people from there into the promised land. To me, Joseph’s coat resembled all that land and I imagined that it looked like the ‘las-lappies’ wine-lands of the Hex river valley in the Western Cape. I then sketched my owl between high mountains in such a fruitful valley until all her feathers had dropped with the autumn leaves.

Z3 DSC_3147 (4)

Joseph’s coat

Then in the joy of her heart, God answered her 2] and she was became again a child.

Z5 DSC_3161 (3)

Joseph, the dove and the owl


  1. Ecclesiastes 7:4
  2. Ecclesiastes 5:20

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