About me


I’m a ceramic artist. I’m married to Mike and my daughter Stefanie is studying at Stellenbosch university. We live in Parkhurst, a suburb on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This is also where I have my ceramic studio, near busy 4th avenue in the village.

My day usually starts with my journal. This is where I keep my little treasures for the day ahead. Thereafter studio life flows comfortably to and fro between my charcoal drawings and incised clay drawings, between making pots and recycling cut offs, between glaze tests and being mesmerized by what heat can do on the walls of my pots.

When I think about my work, be that my cone shaped flower pots or my teapot combines or my cylinders thrown on the wheel, it is all about that unusual canvas they give to me. It connects so many dimensions from depth to height, infinite space to the eternal rotation of time on a surface that is curved.

In many ways my pots have become alive to me, not only as allegories of form, but also as picture allegories, my way of seeing, tasting and understanding life in our magnificent universe by my faith in God, who works salvation for souls.


1984: B Com Hons

1985-2005: Career in Accounting.

2006: I decided to spend more time with my family and also returned to my ceramics

2007-2011: Moved to the UK with my family

2012-2015: Diploma for completing first two years of BA painting degree at OCA (UK)

2017: Teach ceramics to children from disadvantaged backgrounds with learning disabilities and special needs

2017: Received the Melanie Robinson Award from Ceramics SA




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Charleen
    I love your work. I saw your article in Ceramics SA.
    Please let me know if you ever have an exhibition in Cape Town.
    Kind regards


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