About me


DSC_0628 (2)I’m a ceramic artist. I’m married and my daughter is studying at Stellenbosch university. We live in Parkhurst, a suburb of Johannesburg and that is also where I have my ceramic studio, near busy 4th avenue in the village.

I like reading, taking my dog on walks, going to gym, spending time with my friends but most of all I like to investigate things by drawing it on paper or clay. My ceramic forms – my flower vases, teapot combines or cylinders – give me unusual canvasses on which to explore the existence of things. It connects so many dimensions from depth to height, infinite space to the eternal rotation of time on a surface that is curved.

In many ways my pots have become a wonderful way to explore the word of God in pictures. I don’t think of myself as an artist but rather as somebody who is a follower of Christ, who marvels at the abundance of good life given to me by his amazing grace.


1984: B Com Hons

1985-87: Ceramic classes with Kim Sachs

1985-2005: Career in Accounting.

2006: I decided to spend more time with my family and returned to my ceramics

2007-2011: Moved to the UK with my family

2012-2015: Diploma for completing first two years of BA painting degree at Open College Arts (UK)

2017: Teach ceramics at Sparrows Schools to primary and high school children from disadvantaged backgrounds with learning disabilities

2017: Participated in Regional exhibition (Received the Melanie Robinson Award)

2018 May: Participated in group exhibition NEST at Henry George Gallery

2018 June: Participated in Hermanus Fynarts ceramic exhibition




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Charleen
    I love your work. I saw your article in Ceramics SA.
    Please let me know if you ever have an exhibition in Cape Town.
    Kind regards


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