About me

I work as a ceramic artist and have my studio in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. I am married and we have one daughter. After a 25 year career in accounting I am enjoying this new season in my life: the happy rhythm of making vessels and glazes, firing and recycling, being surprised and astonished, and then renewing my mind and starting again.

It fascinates me that movement is captured in the walls of my cylinders by a turning central force generated on my turning wheel –  sometimes a vessel was so centered it looked as if it was standing still. This made me realize that I can express my whole universe between my own hands.

Aware that Science is increasingly informing our worldview as it poses a new cosmological framework of an eternal rhythm rather than of a world with a purposed beginning and end. I applaud Science’s measurement of phenomena but their theories are based on incomplete knowledge observed in nature and that has consequences. 1]

On my pots I explore all things under the sun where the still incomplete knowledge of nature is completed by the divine knowledge of the self existent, personal trinitarian God in whom we live, move and have our being.






2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Charleen
    I love your work. I saw your article in Ceramics SA.
    Please let me know if you ever have an exhibition in Cape Town.
    Kind regards


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