The shape of the Nest

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about a nest – is a weaver’s nest because there are so many in my garden. It is shaped like a woven oblong ball of grass around a little room where chicklings live on a soft duvet of feathers and leaves.  I thought – if it was possible to give the world a geometrical shape, it would be a circle around a center – suspended in a garden.

I then made a circular cylinder and sketched at its center the Middle East which looked like a diameter of a circle, holding its circumference together.


I’m surprised by what I see –  It is, theta – the mathematical symbol for angular momentum that drives a spinning circle, while not a wing is lifted or a peep is made.

Still, I know there must also be a little room at its center where all is quiet and at peace like the eye of a storm.

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